JTF 111

JTF 111 is a DCS casual milsim online group.  We operate in the EST time zone, with trainings on Tuesdays and missions on Saturdays at 2000.   We fly the F/A-18, F-16, A-10C II and helicopter operations (both current and future).

Our missions are scripted and you will have an objective that your flight is trying to complete. We work as a team, flying as a flight to the objective, reforming if we separate, and RTB’ing back to base in formation. We use military brevity and tactics, as most of us are either active duty or retired/separated. We are looking for like minded people who enjoy to hang out on discord and engage in the group. You do not need to be the best pilot in the world, we would rather have someone who puts forth the effort but may not be the best pilot over the best pilot that doesn’t put forth any effort. Interested in joining, or have a few questions? Fill out an application at www.JTF111.com , join our Discord, and schedule an Interview with one of our Admins. If you have any questions feel free to join us on our Discord Channel.